The Company

We are a company that has been proudly in the business of making Quality Arcade Games for the past 50 years. When we first began, we were a small team that made games and table available to people who were passionate about playing recreational games and wanted to bring them home. Our passion and fondness for such games helped us set up our company which was staffed by equally passionate people.

We can proudly say that our team consists of extremely passionate and enthusiastic players who are very much part of the process of creating games and tables which keep people coming back to us. We design and create games that keep people entertained. Our commitment to bring the best quality at the most reasonable prices ensures that we work extra hard to ensure that our customers get the best it is available.

Our products have always been rated number one for quality and price. If there is anything we strive for then it is the positive feedback we get from our customers. We can very proudly say that so far, we have achieved the same and we hope to retain the same energy for our future products and services as well.

Not only do we deliver our products but we ensure that our customers get the best services as well. We do all our installations and make sure that our customers understand the product as well. In some cases, where the customers require we provide training facilities to ensure that our customers understand how to use the tables and play the game as well.

What makes our company attractive for most people is the fact that we provide all-round service which includes repairs and restorations as well. We know how valuable certain pieces may be to you and so we ensure we have the best team that can help you restore your pieces back to working condition.

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